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Basil 1 bunch

Large bunch of basil.  If you want to buy lots of basil for pesto making, call farmer jill at 618-308-0217 for large quantities!  

Beets Chioggia 1 bunch

Sweeter than red beets and a beautiful interesting addition to salads.  You got the beet with this one! 

Beets Golden 1 bunch

Golden beets are known for their sweet mild flavor and their wonderfully delicious leaf.......some like better than the root!  

Beets Red 1 bunch

Traditional red beets.  Great for roasted root veggies or for healthy addition to daily smoothies.......good for heart health and blood pressure.  Nothing, no not anything, like the canned beets your mother made you eat.  All of our beets come with greens except during the coldest of months when we hold over a few as winter wonders.

Blueberries 1/2 pint box

Dark blue and delicious.  Our varieties are selected for taste, not size.  This means longer harder picking times, but it's worth it.  Supermarket berries are often the big berries grown for weight with thick skins for shipping, while ours a medium to small sized berries packed with taste.  They hold their shape for baking lovely blueberry muffins or in jams, but I like them for straight out eating.  I admit to adding a little cream in a morning bowl, which is totally unneccesary and not healthy, but it reminds me of breakfast with my father. 

Cabbage 1 head

We keep our cabbage varieties on the small side, trying to avoid the gynormas heads that don't fit in the fridge and take months to eat.  No toxins, no sprays, natural soils are what make our cabbage sweet and delicate versus the dense heavy often tasteless heads at the grocer.  You need to give cabbage another try......fresh and locally grown!  

Collard Greens 1 bunch

Collard greens are a Southern Illinois favorite.  I remember the smell of ham hocks and collards in my granny jean rendleman's wonderful kitchen on Sundays.  Along with mashed potatoes, a side of smooth pinto beans, and a nice fresh chicken.....hmmm.  Ok, enough.  I have since learned that I can get a better flavor out of collards by replacing ham hocks with a little olive oil and salt......and boiling or braising for just a few minutes versus overnight.  This is a diverse nutritious green that has been laid aside for the now rightfully regarded kale, but chefs are coming back to it.....using the tender tasty leaves as wraps, adding depth to soups, or as an interesting "remodeled" side dish.  

Large Bunch ($3.00)
Cucumber "Seedless" Slicer 2 cucs

A dark green cucumber great for slicing onto salads or sandwiches or for juicing.  Has lots of pulp and very small seeds.  Very flavorful and crunchy.  The dark green is very pretty contrast to summer lettuces.  Seven to 10 inches long.  Two med sized cucumbers is approximately 1 lb.  

Cucumber, European 1-3 cucs

These light green cucumbers are a European variety selected for their deep cucumber flavor, crunchy texture, and thin skins.  They are planted and trellised off the ground by hand so that they are straight, long, and bug free.  People have commented that they never really tasted a cucumber until they ate these! 1-3 cucumbers is about 1 lb.  


Dill 1 bunch

The smell of fresh dill just plain makes me hungry.  Dill is not just for pickles.......dill is a wonderful addition to fish or chicken dishes.  It is lovely sprinkled lightly on salads.  Fresh from the farm it has a glorious flavor enriched by organic soils and fresh spring water irrigation.  Off the farm it is also a great value as one bunch is about 6 times as much dill in one of those tiny plastic store containers.  

Flowers Mixed Herb Bunch

Herbs can make a beautiful bouquet that is a unique and can also be used later in the kitchen.  The aroma of fresh herbs at a wedding or other special event or in the home, is soothing to the soul!  The exact mix in each bouquet will evolve as the season progresses.  I know you will love it!

Flowers. Mixed Summer Bunch

We have a wide variety of flowers on the farm.  We can customize your order to the types or colors of your preference.  A great way to naturalize your wedding or other event with the look and smell of fresh local flowers.  

Sold Out...check back soon!
Fresh Brown Eggs full or 1/2 dozen

Our hens are raised outside on pasture. They eat bugs, grass, lots of greens and veggies, and feed that contains no hormones or antibiotics or other artificial ingredients.  Into the chicken coup at dark and out at sun rise.  Deep orange yolks and whites with substance!  Our farm is licensed and inspected by the Department of Agriculture, State of Illinois.  

1/2 Dozen ($3.50)
One Dozen ($4.75)
Gift Certificate - Fresh Local Organic

Great alternative holiday or special occasion gift.......fresh organic fruit and veggies.  The recipient  can call the farm and place order over the phone or come to the farm or to the winter farmers market in Carbondale to use it at our stand there.  The gift card is heavy card paper with a nice design, our contact information, and an envelope.  We  have no expiration date and the gift can be fulfilled with multiple $10 min. orders.  

Green Head Lettuce 1 head

Mildly sweet yet crisp, this lettuce is a great keeper.  Large leafs for sandwiches or wraps, crisp interior for crunchy salads.  Great all summer long!   

Green Romaine 1-2 heads

A smaller green romaine with a nice crunch.  Smaller size often means nice small leaves that need little cutting.  

Lettuce Baby Mixed 1/4 and 1/2 lb

Eight varieties of red and green baby lettuces ranging from butterhead to curly endive are included in this pretty mix.  Mild yet crisp combination washed and ready to eat.  

Lettuce Mixed Baby 1/2 lb ($6.00)
  Lettuce Mixed Baby 1/4 lb (Sold Out...check back soon!)
Parsley Flat Leaf 1 bunch

Flat leaf parsley when grown organically has a flavor and smell that enhances any soup, salad, pasta or herbal rub for meats.  We often boil up some noodles, add parsley and mozzarella and a little parmesan and whala! you have a nutritional meal in minutes.  

Rainbow Chard 1 bunch

Classic for its beautiful arey of bright colors, our Rainbow Chard is a taste that adds depth to soups, especially those with beans or lentils, or is great on its own......braised in a little olive oil with garlic and onion.  Some folks love it over polenta or mashed potatoes.

Check out recipes for lentil chard soups......one of my favorites as far as taste, and lentils cook up in 10 or 15 min versus the long simmer time for beans! 


Red Romaine 1 head

This red romaine makes a lovely salad with all the standupness of romaines, but with deep red blush on the outer part of the leaves and an surprise of an emerald green interior.

This is a small romaine, with the largest leaves being about 6 inches long....nice because, unlike the giant romaines, no need to cut the leaves to be in edible bites.  One head would make a large serving of salad for one person, you may want to order more for 2-3 people.  The size is 6-8 inches tall and six inches wide if that helps.  

Rosemary 1 bunch

We have a 25 ft long row of rosemary in one of our high tunnels and it makes an aroma while working in there divine! Rosemary is great with potatoes or soup, and through a stalk into some ice tea or hot tea and you have yourself a rich libation.  

Sage 1 bunch

Sage is a good all around herb, often used to add great flavor to meats and of course, stuffings for turkey!  Our sage is grown in nutrient rich soil and thus has a good deep flavor.   We sell in bunches, not in plastic.......so much more sage, so much better for you and the environment!  

Scarlet Curly Kale 1 bunch

Scarlet kale is sweet and tender.  It adds an attractive color contrast to green kale salads or braising mix.

Spinach 1/4 or 1/2 lb

Fresh local Certified Organic Spinach is a real treat.  Out of the field it is an emerald green, dense in nutrition, and wonderful as a salad, braised, or in soups.   All Seasons Farm specializes in spinach and other nutritious greens and lettuces.  

1/2 lb ($6.00)
1/4 lb ($3.00)
Strawberries 1 pint box

Freshly picked, Certified Organic.....no spray, no toxins......taste like strawberries are supposed to taste!  

Tomato, heirloom cherry 1 box

Our heirloom cherries are packed with taste.  Four or five different colors make a beautiful mix for salads or on their own.  Many don't make the car drive home, so you may want 2 boxes!  

Tomatoes Heirloom 1lb

We grow heirlooms varieties, and grow for taste, not size.  Perfect for BLT and the taste is wooooderful.  Good keeper and few blemishes.   

Zucchini Yellow 1 lb

Yellow zucchini has very small seeds and a delicate flavor.  The skin is very thin and easy to cut.  This is NOT yellow squash and the taste is unquestionably that of a zucchini.  The top stem section is dark green, and when purchased at the 3 to 6 inch stage, makes a beautiful presentation.  I used yellow zucchini in salads almost exclusively now as the color just makes every dish so happy looking.  In stir fry or soups, a mix of yellow and green zucchini is also lovely to look at.   


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CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday June 29thth and Friday June 30th. June 28th, 2017

Thursday is CSA member day......look for eggplant, tomatoes, a few peppers, green beans, and other summer fare.  Get out your favorite salsa (go buy a lime) and your favorite eggplant recipe.....

Whats in my box? update on farm productionJune 19th, 2017

Hopefully many of you saw the fresh garlic and basil and have tried your hand at pesto over the weekend.  Mushroom share members got Pippinos! this week.  Gorgeous and delicious and not to b

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