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CSA FALL WINTER 2019/2020 Starts Thursday/Friday Oct 3/4

Posted 9/27/2019 10:43am by Jill Rendleman.

CSA memberships are now open for the fall/winter season.  Please TEXT OR CALL (I could miss an email) me if you are not signed up and would like me to sign you up.   We limit the fall/winter memberships so let me know ASAP if you want to sign up.  Current members have priority over new signups.    I love the fall/winter CSA as the produce is more densely nutritional during a season in which we need to fully activate our immune systems.  Generally speaking there is a lot of greens, lettuce, root crops, and winter squash......I find myself craving these things in the fall as if my system is saying "store away these nutrients for the long winter seasons."  

In your first few shares expect asian greens, summer carrots, freshly dug fall potatoes, fall herbs, lettuces, and greens mix....maybe some butternut or other fall squash.   Also as extras we have 9 lb young roasting hens which are great for fall/winter soups or in dutch ovens with potatoes and herbs.  ymmm.   TEXT OR CALL if you want to add a YOUNG ROASTING HEN to any share.  Fall/Winter membership includes in the Nov or Dec share we add a young roasting hen.  These are hand raised for taste and quality and are hand processed on our farm and fast frozen using the most human and healthy processes.   

Call me for questions or to sign up!  your farmer, JillFall kale stir fry


Jill Rendleman

All Seasons Farm

9535 US Hwy 51 N

Cobden, Illinois  62920





CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday Oct 10!October 10th, 2019

More leafy goodness along with red bell peppers, potatoes, tatsoi, and more.....look for cool temps this week and look for a greens soup recipe for your tatsoi and potatoes.  yum.......  enj

CSA FALL WINTER 2019/2020 Pickup Starts Thursday/Friday Oct 3/4October 2nd, 2019

Fall CSA starts tomorrow in Cdale and Friday in Marion.  If you are not sure if you are signed up or not, or have trouble signing up, give me a CALL or TEXT at 618 308 0217.    Members

CSA FALL WINTER 2019/2020 SIGN UP Starts Thursday/Friday Oct 3/4September 29th, 2019

CSA start up will begin this week......thanks to those who have called or texted me at 618 308 0217 to sign you up for fall/winter!    Call or Text me if you want to sign up for this coming

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