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CSA Whats in my share? Pickup Reminder for Thursday June 28 and Friday June 29

Posted 6/27/2018 5:30pm by Jill Rendleman.

Golden zucchini and heirloom large tomatoes are the stars for this week's share.  Look for green garlic, ie not yet dried, and more blueberries....the ones the Japanese beetles did not eat!  The tomatoes are not beautiful this year, the heat and other factors coming in, but they are just as tasty.  You may have to cut away some deep yellow on the shoulders, which is sun burn...believe it or not.  There may be a few cherry tomatoes as well, they take the heat a bit better.  We love the zucchini sliced in half, carve out the center and mix this pulp with herbs, cheese, cooked sausage, or what ever else sounds good, put more cheese on top and bake it in the oven at 375 until hot all the way through but still "al dente."  The blueberries stand on their own, I eat them plain or with yogurt or in smoothies.  Freezing is easy.....simply put in a freezer bag and then the freezer!   Green garlic is so nice and mild and easy to mince, use just as you would fall garlic...I use a bit more and love it tossed in warm olive oil and salt, add an herb or mozzarella, and it is just plain and wonderful.  Remember to check out the recipes at www.allseasons-farm.com for really great ideas from farm to table restaurants all over the country.   Enjoy!   


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CSA STILL ON Main Roads Clear! Thur NOV 15th Cdale and Friday Nov 16th MarionNovember 15th, 2018

Pac choi and lettuce and baby lettuce and fall potatoes with dill.   A nice healthy box for cold weather!   TUESDAY NOV 20 PICKUP NEXT WEEK for all locations.....same times, same locations.

CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday Nov 8 and Marion Friday Nov 9November 8th, 2018

CARROTS! lettuce, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, parsley and more in your share this week.   Those who prefer kale or tatsoi to chard, let me know this morning VIA TEXT 618-308-0217.  As

Photo(s) added: Cherry Bell RadishNovember 6th, 2018

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