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About Butter - CSA Considerations

Posted 11/13/2017 6:33pm by Jill Rendleman.

I must admit a bias towards butter.  I was raised a Union County , thus Southern culture, cook.  Most Union County first settlers came from the Carolinas.   Over time I have realized that what I helped my grandmother cook in Anna on Sunday morn before church, was probably my first introduction to healthy eating.   We got up at 6am and my grandmother was already up, coffee, sweet rolls, and other enticements to be a part of Sunday dinner.  About 6:30 we started the red beans, cleaned any greens we had, tossed the chicken in flour and put in oil and laid out when cooked through, set the table, added the blackberry jam and butter,  and did what ever else we could before the 9am leave time for Sunday school and church.  Yes, I remember wearing of white gloves to church, thus, I must be old.  

What I do remember is upon the setting of the meal......there was a good consideration of the combination of palet considerations.....flavor, texture, tart or sweet, greens offset by mild white potatoes mashed, herbs from the garden leaving a distinct impression to blend the combination.  Pickled versus sweet jams also another considerations.    I did not fully recognize this until I was much older.  

Here is my comment......butter is an ingredient that provides a mildness.  Not in all situations, but in developing beans and rice, or in a soup that includes whole or diced tomatoes.  What a difference, one tablespoon of butter could change the world.  The depth, mild tenor, and flavor enhancements of butter are respected here.  that being said, I do try to limit butter to a flavoring role.........olive oil is the work horse I have come to know......and it is much better for us all than butter.   thus.....I use butter whenever it seems I have too, and mostly olive oil the rest of the time.  Thanksgiving is next week, I bought 4 lbs of salted organic butter for a potential family event of 25.  So.....I am still stuck on butter.  Transformation continuing ........




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